Stages and subtleties of building a dome house

A dome house is a kind of designer. It’s easy enough to build one. All the elements necessary for construction are small in size and weight. Due to the fact that a geodetic house is ideal with respect to aerodynamic properties, it can be built in unstable climates.

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Depending on the type of dome, you can choose one of the following domed houses : -circular; -convex; -oval; -the one that consists of several polyhedra; -semicircular. You can build cupola houses from different materials. The easiest way to build is a wooden frame, but also others: -Brick. The conclusion of the brick material depends on the chosen form of the earth dome. -Concrete . "Inflating" or using a pneumatic frame is a modern technique for building domes. With this technology comes monolithic domed houses. -Straw. It’s also easy to build. You’ll need a tape or a bar foundation to mount the frame.

A domed straw house requires mandatory plastering The calculation is also a plan - 1st, what follows this, who exactly wants to create a single-domed dwelling on their own. A calculator is simply needed for this purpose. If the plan is agreed, the dome building will be built with preliminary work. To create a single-domed dwelling by yourself you should first organize the site, start clearing the ground also by levelling it. Even after this the ground is thrown by rubble also by sand. It is possible to build stratodized single-dome housing according to the following technological processes: Initially, they build a decagon instead of a house, in which the whole system will be built. Therefore, the work implied in this database prefers a specific cut of the tablets for the polygon’s purpose. The tablets obtained are cut using an electric saw. It is necessary to buy a trapeze configuration at the output.

The sandy pad is also grabbed with ruberoid over the lining of the trapezoid tablets, fastening their presence of support of screws. Follow-up activities are carried out in a steep plane. The 1st construction of the wall will require planks, certified in squares among themselves. The subsequent construction of the walls consists in the production of the components of the trilinear shape. In the case if a completed design framework was purchased, this would simplify the problem considerably. All that is needed is to draft it in consultation with management. Attention: any wood component will require pre-treatment with specific disinfectants. After the skeleton is built, the SPD plating begins with panels from the inner edge.

The components are cut in advance in agreement with the system parameters. For the purpose of the outer finishing of the system it will be necessary to cover its plane with ruberoid also covering, for example by applying elastic tiles. It is recommended that the complete procedure be carried out in turn, switching from the 1st triangle to another triangle. Cutting the material of the necessary shape, attach it to the skeleton also carry out the installation of tiles. Fixing the ruberoid is better to have the presence of support of the annoying or glue. If all activities are finished, they start the internal grinding. Using the selected used materials, the hollows are constructed, all the communications are executed and the walls are insulated, after which they are pre-cleaned.

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